April 18, 2016

Finders keepers Fair Copenhagen

Attended my first Finders Keepers fair i Copenhagen. It was so much fun and really great to see how thrilled people was about the haoris. We almost sold out and many happy thoughts to the brave swedish guy who bought himself the big black headdress :-) 

April 05, 2016

Springsale is on. Get 25% discount on everything in the shop!

So I just uploaded first bash of the new haoris straight from Japan. I'm really proud and excited - everyone of them is beautiful a real work of art. I have decided to start a springsale. So from today and until 19th of april you can shop and get 25% in discount on everything in the shop! www.gypsybyheart.com 

Discountcode: SPRINGSALE






March 23, 2016

New hats finally done and in the shop

I spend all day finishing hats and phew made it before deadline. Here's a few pix of the process. Please click into the hat collection to see the final results :-) 

March 19, 2016

YEAH new haoris on their way

15 beautiful handpicked haoris and kimonos are on their way from Japan to the shop. I'm SO thrilled! So stay tuned and I will upload them in the shop as fast as possible ✌️
January 12, 2016

New sea shell necklace

New sea shell necklace in the shop the are absolutely fabulous. There is 4 left get yours for 349,- dkk or 49,- usd. 

November 10, 2015

Unique embellished denim

Hi everyone, I'm proud and strangely a bit nervous introducing this new product on gypsy to you. Cause I made it myself :-) Yes true! As of now I'm official a seamstress. This summer I have been hunting down old vintage materials in order to create these OOAK denim embellished vests. 

The plain denim is adorned with authentic vintage tribal embellishments from the nomadic tribes of india, Afganistan and Pakistan. It's beautiful old craft all the way. Some of the vests are more simply decorated with a vintage patch and coins. Other vests are embellished thousands of tiny beads that has been meticulously hand woven creating the most incredible tribal design. 

It's really OOAK and you can also order one just for you! 


October 08, 2015

New haori gallery with beautiful Emilie

A few days ago we made an early morning photoshoot in Dyrehaven with Emilie, her horse and photographer Signe Roderik. Take a look at the two first finished series: 




September 01, 2015

Vintage kimonos in the shop!

Today I got the first shipment of vintage kimonos and haori's straight from Japan. They are totally unique - only one of each! They are old but restored with the utmost respect for the kimono art and textile. Some of them have a few stains or very small holes - but really nothing you will notice. The are SO amazing. I will start uploading pix of them later tonight and keep you posted. 

What is a haori? A haori is a jacket worn over kimono. It is not meant to be worn as a top by itself, or crossed over in the front like a kimono. The collar is meant to hang straight down along your chest. A haori is easy to style with anything in the modern wardrobe. 

A glimse in the gypsy studio/office


August 25, 2015

Peep behind the scenes

Two days ago my best friend and amazing photographer Signe Roderik and fantastic Caroline helped me with new product pic to gypsy. I'm so happy about the energy they put into it and not at least the result. Take a look. 

August 13, 2015

Yeah finally live!

Gypsybyheart has been underway for a long time - too long perhaps. I have long wished to create a universe with special and beautiful things that are close to my heart. The idea is if I like it, there are probably others who like them as well. Gypsybyheart is a playground where I will show rad stuff from all over the world. It is far from a nordic and minimalist style universe. It will quirky, etnic and hopefully full of surprises. I have gone live with a lot of indian headdresses, I love them and they speak to my fascination for the native american culture, nature religions and nomadic lifestyle. They are all hand-made and made with lots of love.